Microsoft 70-346 Exam

A company with 75,000 employees has an Office 365 tenant. You need to install the Azure Active Directory Synchronization (AAD Sync) tool by using the least amount of administrative effort. Which versions of each product should you implement? (Select three)

  • A. .Net 3.5
  • B. Net 4.0
  • C. .Net 4.5
  • D. .Net 4.5.1
  • E. PowerShell(PS1)
  • F. PowerShell (PS2)
  • G. PowerShell (PS3)
  • H. PowerShell (PS4)
  • I. SQL Server Express
  • J. SQL Server 2008 K. SQL Server 2012 L. SQL Server 2014
Answer: Option D. G. I.

The following components need to be installed:
— Net 4.5.1
— PowerShell (PS3 or better is required)
Azure AD Sync requires a SQL Server database to store identity data. By default a SQL Express LocalDB (a light version of SQL Server Express) is installed and the service account for the service is created on the local machine.
SQL Server Express has a 10GB size limit that enables you to manage approximately 100.000objects. This is fine for the scenario in this question.
If you need to manager a higher volume of directory objects, you need to point the installation process to a different version of SQL Server. AAD Sync supports all flavors of Microsoft SQL Server from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2014.

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