Microsoft 70-346 Exam

A company has an Office 365 tenant. You need to ensure that Active Directory is ready for synchronization. Which tool should you run?

  • A. IdFix
  • B. Office 365 Health, Readiness, and Connectivity Check
  • C. Microsoft RemoteConnectivity Analyzer Tool
  • D. Synchronization Service (MIISClient)
Answer: Option A.

DirSync has certain requirements on attributes in the directory, and aligning the attribute values with the DirSync requirements is commonly known as Active
Directory remediation. The IdFix tool reviews the directory and performs interactive Active Directory remediation. It also checks for and helps you correct any invalid data and duplicate data in directory attributes, including userPrincipalName (UPN), mailNickName, proxyAddress, sAMAccountName, targetAddress, and others. Furthermore, it provides assistance for migrating from a non-routable to an Internet routable domain name, because using an Internet-routable domain is one of the requirements for Azure Active Directory.
Incorrect Answers:
B.: Running Office 365 Health, Readiness, and Connectivity Checks prior to setting up Office 365 allows you to make sure that your environment is prepared for the Office 365 services.

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