Microsoft 70-346 Exam

A company has an Office 365 tenant that has an Enterprise E1 subscription. You configure the policies required for self-service password reset. You need to ensure that all existing users can perform self-service password resets. Which Windows PowerShell cmdlet should you run?

  • A. Set-MsolUser
  • B. Redo-MsolProvisionUser
  • C. Set-MsolUserLicense
  • D. Set-MsolUserPrincipalName
  • E. Convert-MsolFederatedUser
  • F. Set-MailUser
  • G. Set-LinkedUser
  • H. New-MsolUser
Answer: Option C.

Self-service password reset with on-premises write-back is a Premium-only feature.
The following command adds the Office 365 for enterprises license to the user.
Set-MsolUserLicense -UserPrincipalName [email protected] -AddLicenses “Contoso:ENTERPRISEPACK”
Note: The Set-MsolUserLicense cmdlet can be used to adjust the licenses for a user. This can include adding a new license, removing a license, updating the license options, or any combination of these actions.

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