Cisco 400-051 Exam

A collaboration engineer is troubleshooting a delay in call completion on a SIP Cisco Unified Border Element gateway. The gateway is set up for dual stack IP with DNS as the dial peer target. In DNA, AAAA and A records are configured for the target. The engineer determines that IPv4 calls should remain IPv4, when possible, to temporary resolve the issue. The company is testing some IPv6 applications so the engineer cannot disable IPv6 altogether. Which configuration can the engineer apply to the Cisco Unified Border Element to accomplish this temporary fix?

  • A. sip-ua
    Protocol mode ipv4
  • B. voice service voip
    No anat
  • C. voice service voip
    No allow-connections ipv4 to ipv6
  • D. sip-ua
    Protocol mode dual-stack preference ipv4
  • E. voice service voip
    Preference ipv4
Answer: Option D.

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